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Let’s learn colors

Our concept is based on donations. Only that will help us to develop games that will serve an educational proposal. Please support us, so that we can furthermore develop add-free and free of charge educational games.

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What is the app about?

A lovely created educational color game for children, completely without advertising.

Together with a pedagogue for children, a designer, composer as well as a programmer, we have designed this game that your little ones will love.

The game is an educational game. Together we created this game so it serves fully the educational proposal and by the same time keeps the attention of your child by implement tools to keep your child motivated and happy.

The goal of this game is that your child should be helped to recordnize and process colors.
Some children know all basic colors in the age of under two years. A lot of other children in the age of four or even five years have problems with the same matter, although by the age of three years children should be able to name all basic colors. The App will help you exactly with this.

And this is how it works.

Learning priciple:

In the category "Learn" your child will be introduced to twelve colors. They will be shown in four steps with three colors. After three colors were shown, a voice will call out randomly a name of one of the shown colors. Now it´s up to your child to decide which color matches the named color.
If your child has´t find all colors for the first time, he or she has the choise to repeat the colors or switch to the next three colors.

The next Level ist the category "Test". It´s for the more advanced children, which were able to complete the "learn" category. All twelve colors will be displayed directly and will be called out randomly so that your child must find and click them. By clicking on the the rabbit on the edge of the screen your child can repeat the colors as often as he or she want to.

We advice that the game is completly free of advertising and free of charge.
Our concept is based on donations only that will help us to develop games that will serve an educational proporsal. Its up to you if you want to donate and contribute to our goal to help create games that will serve for a greater good.

Currently the game is available in English, German and Polish.

"InApp Purchases are needed only for donations"

We hope your children have fun with our game. By creating this, we hope that we could contribute to the development of our children on this planet and to make for a better tomorrow for us all. As a great man ones said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


our user says

Ingenious app. My young daughter loves it and is already able to name her first colors.

Ewe K.

Ewe K.

Wow! My babysitting children always want to play the game when I am there. The „Test-Game“ is there favorite. They play it although they have already learned all colors. It really turned out good Appiri!

Miki G.

Miki G.